From the french word meaning ‘to sweep’. Balayage is the freehand and random application of colour to strands adding a reflective dimension and luminosity. Wrongly confused as being ‘blond highlights’, as all manner of shades are used – including pastels, dark browns and rainbow brights. 

We’ll start with a consultation where we will look at the length, density, porosity and condition of your hair. We’ll discuss your desired outcome and we may need to conduct a strand test.

We can then book you in for an appointment for the estimated time we think it will take to complete the process. 


Whether you’re wanting a full head colour treatment, partial or highlights, we’ve got you covered. We’re expert in various colouring techniques including; Ombre, Sombre, Highlighting and Balayage as previously mentioned. John Carl Stevenson has over fifteen years of experience and is expert in his field. 

If you’ve not visited JCS Hair Salon before then contact us on messenger and we’ll book you in for a consultation. The Facebook Messenger symbol can be seen at the bottom right of this page. 

Our diary is usually booked three months in advance – so get in touch soon!


There are so many styling options that it would be impossible to list them here but whatever style you want we’re sure we can accommodate. We’ll advise you as to what styles may suit you and your hair type. 

Perhaps you’re tired of the same old style and want to try something new!



At JCS Hair Salon we only us the best products. It’s important that you walk out with full confidence that what we have created for you is going to last.

Not forgetting the Gents